Piksters SupaGrip XP is kids safe and makes flossing fun.  Piksters SupaGrip XP  is a low tension tape floss which follows the natural contours of your teeth and is gentle on gums.

Previous generations of this device were made from multifilament Nylon which is inclined to shred and break. However, SupaGrip XP contains strong monofilament PTFE tape which dramatically reduces shredding and breakage.  However, people with very tight and/or rough contact points may still experience occasional breakage, and of course all flossers will eventually break with use.

The extension handle included can assist with grip, dexterity and access, especially to the back teeth.


  • Strong, silky tape
  • Easy grip
  • Family friendly
  • Free extention handle (optional use)
  • Rounded ends
  • Kids safe

How to use:

  1. Using a sawing action, slide the floos between the teeth until you reach the gumline.
  2. The gum between the teeth is triangular shaped. Go down one side of the gum "triangle", guiding the floss against the tooth surface. 
  3. Go back to the top of the gum triangle and down the other side.

**Do not be concenrned if the gums bleed a little bit in the first few days as this can occur if the gums are unhealthy. The gums will heal and stop bleeding in about a week if you continue to use SupaGrip XP daily. 


SKU 410
Brand Piksters

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