About Us

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Jaco Dental Shop is a family-owned and run small business in Sydney, Australia. We deliver Australida-wide and are always looking for opportunies to increase our product range and improve our services.  
Believe in the Basics
We believe that overall health starts with healthy teeth and gums.  As such, we provide the basics for oral care at home, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss and picks and oral rines. 
Fun for the Family
We believe that making the oral care routine fun is fundamental for building good oral care habits.  Our range of products includes Truthbrush (a modern and fun way to track your family's brushing), traditional 2-minute timers, character themed toothbrush holders and more.
Say YES to Saliva
We understand that even with the best oral care, some conditions are out of our control, such as dry mouth symptoms.  Decreased saliva can impact your daily activites immensely including speech, taste and sleep.  Our range of dry mouth management products include products that our customers use frequently and have found very useful. 
Sparkling White Smiles
Even with the best oral care, we find out teeth can become a little discoloured overtime.  As such, we provide home whitening kits that are a convenient, affordable and effective way to whiten your teeth.