OraCoat XyliMelts are fully dissolving oral adhering discs whose active ingredients are slowly released to promote saliva and neutralise acid in the mouth. Xylimelts are the go-to for people who are experiencing minimal or no saliva due to medical issues.


  • Hours of discreet relief from dry mouth symptoms
  • Moisturises, lubricates, soothes and stimulates saliva
  • Safe to use while sleeping, when dry mouth is worst
  • Can be used with CPAP machines, OAT, and dentures
  • Can be used while eating and drinking
  • Does not promote tooth decay


Do not adhere to roof of mouth for use while sleeping - you might pry it loose with your tongue and it might lodge in your throat or lung, causing discomfort until it dissolves.  Instead, adhere it to the gumline on the outside of a molar.

Diabetic information: Each Xylimelts disc raises blood glucose equal to one-quarter gram of typical carbohydrates.

Ingredients: Vegan

Xylitol, cellulose gum, calcium carbonate, vegetable gum, magnesium stearate


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OraCoat Xyli Melts

21 November 2020
Oh my God. First night in quite a few years that I have been able to sleep through night without waking up numerous times to have a drink to moisten my mouth. The tablet stayed in place and worked perfectly. I woke up with a nice minty taste in my mouth. I would definitely recommend these tablets to anyone who suffers from a dry mouth.

Jaco Dental Shop Response
Hi Jill, Thank you for the lovely feedback.

Excellent product!

11 June 2020
Melts stay in place overnight and last for ages.

Great product

24 April 2020
I have a dry mouth and particularly at night time. I thought to try these and they are amazing. I place them in my mouth before I go to bed, and it generates saliva production. I no longer wake in the morning with a dry mouth. Amazing!

Jaco Dental Shop Response
Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy to hear it has helped you manage your dry mouth at night time.

Dry Mouth? Xylimelts are a great option

17 April 2020
These tablets stick to your teeth and/or gum (you chose/experiment with what suits) both during the day and overnight. If you have any challenges with saliva production, then this is definitely an option worth considering. More subtle and longer lasting than most other alternatives (especially for night time).

Jaco Dental Shop Response
Thank you for your feedback! We love to hear how our dental products help you achieve your oral health goals.

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