The Truthbrush Tracker Pro is a teeth-brushing tracker that can help you improve your brushing technique and develop healthy teeth brushing habits. The Truthbrush Tracker Pro can be fitted onto manual and electric toothbrushes to track you and your family's teeth-brushing habits.

Hub is required for trackers to work.

Who is Truthbrush for?

Truthbrush was initially designed to help parents and dentists care for children's dental health. Truthbrush can also be used by health-conscious adults that like to monitor their oral health data. It can be used just like their running app to display daily performance. Another key group is the elderly who need regular brushing but don’t always remember do it.

What is a Truthbrush tracker?

The Truthbrush tracker is a small, decorative device that fits on any manual or electric toothbrush. The tracker records motion activity when the toothbrush is used. This activity is displayed in the Truthbrush mobile application. It displays daily activity like a fitness tracker and includes time of day, brush duration, mouth coverage, and movement analysis. The tracker also has a configurable beep timer to help build proper habits.

Do I need to start and stop the tracker when I brush?

No, Truthbrush is designed so that you simply pick up the toothbrush and brush as you normally do, there are no stop or start buttons! The tracker will wake up on its own when you lift the toothbrush and start recording.  Truthbrush will detect that motion is idle and will then upload brushing data to server and go to sleep mode. Truthbrush can tell the difference between toothbrushing activity and simply applying toothpaste or cleaning. The resulting data will reflect actual brush activity.

Do I need more than one hub?

The hub is designed to accommodate multiple Truthbrush trackers. The hub will collect data from all trackers within 30 ft. Multiple hubs can be used in large homes where the bathrooms might be spread out.

Does my phone need to be in the bathroom when I brush?

No, Truthbrush is specifically designed to avoid bringing a phone into the bathroom or the need to open an any app. Your phone can be turned off and it will not impact the ability for Truthbrush to collect data. Parents do not want their kids looking at the phone in the bathroom and the data can never be reliably collected when the phone is required.

For more information, visit Jaco Dental and Truthbrush


App does not need to be open while brushing. Just start brushing like you normally do!

  1. Attach Truthbruh Tracker Pro onto toothbrush.
  2. Put toothpaste onto your toothbrush.
  3. Start brushing as usual.

Is the Truthbrush tracker waterproof?

The Truthbrush tracker is IPX4 water resistant and will work properly under normal brushing conditions. This includes the water and toothpaste that may contact the tracker during brushing and cleaning. Truthbrush Tracker Pro can be submerged into water for up to 1 hour.

Dimensions/Weight 2.29x0.74cm, 5.67g
Attachement Elastic strip (fit all)
Wireless communciation Bluetooth LE
Water resistance Submerge

Replaceable (CR1620), up to 9  months

Voltage 110-240v
Plug type n/a
Working distance 15.24m
Multiple tracker support n/a
Wireless protocol Wifi 2.4GHz


SKU 611
Brand Candibell
Shipping Weight 0.0250kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.080m
Shipping Cubic 0.000160000m3

Great for technology generation

16 July 2022
So far I am very happy with my purchase of the Truthbrush hub, tracker pros and skins! Also delighted with the customer service and support I have received from Jaco Dental regarding my parcel delivery issue (not their fault nor mine). If you are a parent who is sick and tired of the daily effort required to get your child to just go and brush their teeth!!, and your child has an interest in technology, then these products will most likely not disappoint! The setup of the products and the app data is probably better than I’d anticipated. We are still discovering the apps potential. We have only been using this a few weeks but I already love that my son does not mind doing his teeth, he actually stands still instead of roaming the house (Mum told him not to go too far from the tracker and it works best if your head is still), and his brushing is more focused as he is trying to beat mum and get 100% (so far our highest is 98%). I am appreciating knowing that he does actually have good coverage and I like the app encouragement and tips for improvement. Thank you for stocking this product! We live in SA and had only seen it on American sites prior to finding it here. Hopefully more skin choices will be on the way? Overall I’ve already got the value from this. Thanks so much! (Also great information on your website about exactly what products are needed for this system to work)

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